John from shares with you 10 harvesting mistakes new gardeners can make when picking their herbs and leafy green vegetables they grew in their garden.

In this episode, you will learn some mistakes that can reduce the size of your harvests and how much yield you can produce when growing leafy green vegetables and herbs in your garden.

First, you will discover why every gardener should grow leafy greens and herbs in their garden and eat them regularly.

Next, you will learn how these 10 mistakes can lower the yield of leafy greens and herbs and production you will get out of your garden.

The 10 Mistakes are
Not walking your garden daily to see what’s happening
Not Harvesting Often Enough
Not Having the Proper Tools
Harvesting the whole plant instead of leaves or tips
Not harvesting the right size leaves for the intended purpose
Not Training Plant to grow vertically (keep off ground)
Not using proper harvesting technique for each plant
Not composting all excess garden scraps/harvest waste

After watching this episode, you will learn more about some of the benefits of eating more plants in your diet and some of the changes that can occur when you do so. You will learn how John chooses to eat as well as what he would do if he was in charge of diet guidelines.

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