John from has special guest Wendi Phan aka Wendiland on Youtube to share their top 10 Gardening Tips So you can have the most abundant organic gardening harvests this spring and summer season.

In this episode, You will learn the top 10 things you need to do in your garden to ensure you grow the most food and have the most garden abundance in your vegetable garden this year.

You will learn from these two YouTube gardeners that have been teaching gardening on Youtube for over 20+ years combined.

You will learn how to grow the most fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other edible plants and have produced a bountiful harvest if you grow in a raised bed, or the soil using organic and natural gardening practices.

You will discover the tips and techniques these gardeners use in their gardens to grow lots of organic food fresh at home.

Jump to the following Parts of this Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
01:48 1. Boost Your Plants When Transplanting
03:20 2. Feed Your Soil Not Your Plants
04:30 3. Use Worm Castings & Compost Tea
05:58 4. Add Microbes to your garden
06:56 5. Grow Varieties that Grow Best in Your Climate
07:52 6. The Variety You Choose is Critical – Know the best variety
09:35 7. Pruning or Not Pruning
11:11 8.Harvest Sustainably
11:49 9. Propagating by Cuttings & Succession Planting
12:31 10. Foliar Feeding Your Plants
14:50 What are your tips for Bountiful Harvests?
15:22 Observe and Experiment in Your Garden

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