John from shares with you his top 10 techniques that allows him to garden outside for periods of time in the 100+ degree weather in the desert southwest. He will share his top tips with you so you can be more resilient to the hot weather and get all your work done in your garden so you can grow your food throughout the hot summer.

In this episode, you will learn 10 techniques that John has implemented that enables him to easily work outside in the garden during the hot 100 degree summer days that occur over 2.5 months in the hot desert summer in the southwest United States.

You will learn some of the indicators of a heat-related illness so you can avoid having a dangerous situation when working outside in the hot sun.

You will discover some time-proven ways you can train your body to thrive in hot temperatures in the summer so that it’s not a big deal.

You will learn more about these 10 techniques
Work with a Partner
Getting hydrated and staying hydrated
Working in the early morning or the late afternoon. Take a Break during the heat of the day
Get aclimated to the hot summer weather
Harden yourself off by working outside in the shade more often
Do Easy tasks vs Strenuous tasks during the hottest times of the day
Take Frequent Breaks- Turn large projects into smaller tasks.
Wear proper hat and clothing (or less clothing)
Avoid Direct Sun Exposure- work in shade or put up a shade cloth
Don’t Wear Deoderant and encourage sweating to cool down

You will also discover his 11th bonus tip, which can make you more resilient to the weather as well as other stress that you may experience in life.

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can stay safe and easily work outside in 100+ degree hot summer heat without issue.

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