John from interviews Dr. Bill Olkowski, Ph.D. about how you can control pests in your garden without spraying toxic or organic pesticides.

In this episode, John will chat with Dr. Bill Olkowski, gardening and insect expert to share his over 40+ years of experience growing food and how you can harness the power of beneficial insects in your garden to control the bad insects including many different tips and techniques you can implement today to have fewer pests in your garden tomorrow.

Some of the top 20 tips include:
1. Straw Pile
2. Seed Beneficial Insects
3. Leave some crops to grow to attract beneficial insects
4. Escalation to control pests
5. Why Spraying is Bad
6. Plant Sweet alyssum
7. Better Soil nutrition guards against pests
8. Transplant starts
9. Plant Anise
10. Leave Brocolli/other crops to go to seed
11. Nets and Screens to keep birds away
12. Sluggo – an organic control for slugs
13. Simple cardboard rings to prevent slugs
14. Let plants go to seed
15. Plant Extra
16. Keep Lizards
17. Trap Slugs and Snails in terra cotta flowerpots (upside down)
18. Gopher Barriers
19. Keep lower leaves trimmed off for snakes
20. Plant Flowers
21. Anise and other plants for nectar
22. Tolerate some pests
23. Don’t trip on the roses.

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