John from shares with you what you missed at the 2018 National Heirloom Seed & Garden Expo that took place in Santa Rosa, California Sept 11-13, 2018. The Heirloom Expo is also known as the World’s Pure Food Fair as it is NON-GMO, and focused on diversity in heirloom fruits and vegtable crops.

In this episode, John shares with you what you missed at the 2018 National Heirloom Garden Expo Festival.

You will see many of the areas of the heirloom expo including the vendor area, the speaker area, the kid’s area, and the main heirloom exhibition hall.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:10 Buy a GYG Tee Shirt
01:35 Best Vendors at the Heirloom Expo
02:00 Seed Library of Los Angeles – Join or Start a local Seed Library
02:58 Weedguard Plus – biodegradable weed block paper to use as mulch
06:00 SaladMaster – Easily Prepare and Eat More Garden Fresh produce. Get a FREE $500 value Salad Master if you live in the Bay Area by hosting a salad master dinner in your home for 6+ people.
09:42 Orta Self Watering Seed Pots – Start your seedlings in a self-watering USA made a ceramic pot. New self-watering pot for microgreens
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15:00 Johnny’s Select Seeds – Hybrid and Heirloom Vegetable Seeds. AAS winners for proven varieties.
use coupon code 19-3143 for $10 off $50
18:00 School Garden Network – Non Profit Fundraiser to help put gardens in schools.
19:22 Grotopo – a free App that allows you to track the progress of plants in your garden
21:06 Crop Swapp App – Best Free App for iPhone or android to buyt, trade or sell your homegrown produce
23:35 Soil, Water and Air Testing for Aluminum – Alarming levels of Aluminum and other heavy metals is now appearing in nature. Find out why and make government do testing and take action.
25:30 The Amazing Doctor Zymes – Organic non-persistant pesticide and fungicide for organic gardening. Enzyme Based.
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29:50 Best Tumeric Powder, Soursop leaves, Graviola leaves, and papaya leaves from a biodynamic farm in Costa Rica use coupon code GYG for $10 off on a bag of turmeric
32:20 Solectrac – Electric Powered Tractor with more power than a diesel tractor without spewing out all the toxins over your crops.
33:56 Exotica Rare Fruit Tree Nursery
35:50 Southern Sun Farm in Escondido, California
37:00 Tour of Heirloom Expo Starts
37:07 Hall of flowers – tour of heirloom fruits and vegetables
38:35 Heirloom Watermelons
39:35 Heirloom Carrots / Purple Carrots
42:20 Heirloom Beets
43:48 Heirloom Pepper Display
44:50 California Rare Fruit Growers
45:20 Heirloom Tomato Display
46:14 Heirloom Peppers, Watermelon Cake, Winter Squashes
47:25 Garden Courtyard and Malibu Compost
48:55 Round Table Hall- Small Group Learning
49:45 Kids pavilion – Teach kids about growing food and real food
50:50 Pollinator Posse – teaching kids about the importance of pollinators and free craft projects for kids at expo.
52:50 Heirloom Seed Swap
53:15 Squash and Watermelon labyrinth
53:40 Heirloom expo is non-profit all proceeds support school gardens
54:00 Panel Discussions – Learn from many people
54:50 Main Speaker Hall – one speaker each hour
55:20 Heirloom Seeded Watermelons for $5
56:40 Video Bomb with the Urban Gardener
58:50 Final Comments and Summary

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a Visit toExotica Fruit Tree Nursery

Biodynamic Farming Pavillion at the Heirloom Expo

California Rare Fruit Growers Display at Heirloom Expo

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