John from shares with you the 5 Garden Products he Used to Love that he Now Hates. Some of which are featured in his most watched Youtube Videos!

In this episode, you will learn how about 5 gardening products you should definitely not buy. You will learn about the problems that John has experienced with each of these products and how you can save yourself time, money and frustration by not purchasing these products.

You will also learn better alternatives to these products that caused John frustration.

First, you will learn why you should not buy the Hudson Fogger and Sprayer that can be used to spray organic pesticide, insect control, or biological inoculants in your garden.

Next, You will learn why you should not buy the Clear Flow Hose that is food safe as well as a better alternative John found.

Next, you will learn why John no longer recommends the Garden Tower and learn about the problems he had with this vertical gardening growing tower system.

Finally, learn about an in-line garden hose filter that cause his hose end and drip system clog with filter media. You will also discover a safe filter you can use to remove the chlorine and other contaminants from the city water you use to water your garden.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:22 Episode Starts
01:05 My Favorite Tool in My Garden
01:24 #1 Product I Now Hate: Hudson Fogger
03:39 #2 Product I Now Hate: Hudson Backpack Sprayer
04:04 Sprayer I like now: Harbor Freight Greenwood Backpack Sprayer
05:54 #3 Product I Now Hate: Clear Flow Hose
09:12 Hose I like now: Water Fight Polyurethane Hose
11:11 #4 Product I Now Hate: Garden Tower
14:15 Vertical Garden Method I prefer
14:54 #5 Product I Now Hate: Green Knight Garden Hose Filter
20:50 Hose End Garden Filter I Like Now: Boogie Brew Plus

After watching this episode, you will discover the 5 gardening products you should avoid, and some gardening products you may want to invest in.

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