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In this video, John shares his thoughts on the WOQED hand cart that goes up stairs with a 75 pound load easily!!

WOQED Stair Climbing Cart Folding Hand Truck Carry Cart Aluminum Alloy 10-Wheel Trolley Folding Lightweight Step Adjustable Height Quiet Large Tires with Bag Required Luggage Moving Outdoor

✔ [Stair Climbing Cart] It has 6 climbing wheels, you can easily move the stairs by pulling without lifting. The front wheels use small 360° tires so it has excellent rollability, which helps the rear wheels to drive smoothly and maintain quietness and durability at a high level.
✔ [Easy load-bearing 178 pounds] You can easily carry 178 pounds on flat ground; when you go up and down steps, or buy daily necessities (parking lot) you can easily carry 80 pounds. There is no doubt that it has achieved great success in outdoor scenes, such as moving, outdoor activities, traveling, fishing, sports games, barbecue, camping.
✔ [Sturdy and foldable] Made of strong aluminum alloy, it will not shake at all when using it. You can easily open and close in a few seconds. If you open the loading platform, the tires will pop out, and if you turn the loading platform over, the tires will be stored. You can do it without touching dirty tires.
✔ [Perfect design]One key lift. Three heights can be easily adjusted by one button, which is convenient for use and storage. We are equipped with storage bags and rope, so it can be stored compactly when not in use and does not take up any space. And it will not stain your car trunk or storage room.
✔ [Good service] Lightweight and firm Stair Climbing Cart, which can meet your daily needs. Efficient choice, improve your happiness in life! We promise to provide good service, You can receive the product within a few days after purchase! If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us by email.

A Homeowners Best friend: The WOQED Stair Climbing Folding Hand Cart and Gear Bag Kit