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In this video, John shares some real world testing of the battery life, durability, and functionality of the Anhay LED work light. John tests the run time for the flood light, and well as charging his iPad Pro via the USB port.

Rechargeable LED Work Light
Portable Charger: Built-in high-capacity battery with portable charger function, the portable work lamp can charge the phone in emergency conditions.
2 Light Source: LED Spotlight & COB Floodlight
Strong Magnet: The handheld work light can be easily adsorbed on the surface of iron.
Collapsible Hanging Hook: The LED work light has a 180┬░rotation hanging hook.
Battery Indicator: Observe the use of the battery at any time.

A Real Review and Test Of The Anhay Rechargeable LED Work Light And Power Bank with Flood and Spot

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