John from takes you on a tour of his backyard urban organic raised bed desert vegetable garden in the spring. In this episode, you will learn what John is growing in the Spring of 2018 in his backyard organic garden in Zone 9a.

You will discover what frost sensitive plants were hardy enough to survive the mild winter this year. You will learn about all the different types of vegetables he is growing during April of 2018.. You will learn about a new wild vegetable John is growing for the first time: Common Brighteyes aka Reichardia Picroides that resembles dandelion but tastes sweet and Cretan Rock Lettuce, and much more.

Along the way, you will learn a few things about growing food in the backyard of a standard American tract home in the suburbs and how much food you can truly grow in a small backyard that can easily help to feed you and your family.

After watching this episode, you will know which crops will grow in the winter/spring time in zone 9a so you can easily grow food year-round to be more sustainable and healthy.

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