John from takes you on a tour of a viva las veggies, a backyard vegetable garden in las vegas that was planted September 2018 from seed and has been growing with no store-bought fertilizer.

In this episode, you will learn how one family is growing their own food in their backyard using no store-bought fertilizer. You will learn how they add free fertilizer to their garden by using coffee grounds and creating their own IMO’s (Indigenous Microorganisms) + using the best free nitrogen fertilizer – diluted human urine.

You will get a full tour of this backyard vegetable garden and how it looks in January 2019. You will learn about all the vegetables that you can grow in the winter time, and the specific soil and no-cost fertilizer that is being used to grow this garden.

You will discover some of the amazing health benefits of some of the leafy green vegetables growing in the garden and how to eat them to get the most nutrition into you.

You will learn some of the best crops you can grow in Las Vegas that will grow year-round and provide you with food for a long period of time.

You will also discover the difference between growing inside a greenhouse and not and the difference it can make when growing shell peas and spinach.

Finally, you will learn more about Viva La Compost, a food scrap pickup service, that will ensure your food scraps will be turned into compost instead of ending up at the landfill.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
02:38 Entering Backyard
03:05 Edible Desert Crops – Cactus and Agave
04:22 Overview Shot of Backyard Raised Bed Garden
05:30 Organic Soil in Vegas
05:55 How Plants Were started from Seed
06:50 How Often to water in Vegas in Winter
07:42 Swiss Chard – Grows More than a Season in Vegas
08:20 An additional reason to grow in the winter: No/Less Bugs
10:12 Main Families of Crops she is growing
11:19 Large Radish Growing
11:35 Making your own Microorganisms with IMO’s with Rice
12:20 Coffee Ground fertilizer
13:14 Eat Your Radish Greens
13:38 Cilantro Growing – Best to grow in the cold
14:35 Cilantro-Like vegetables to Grow in the Summer
15:05 Parsley Grows Thru the Summer
16:45 My favorite parsley recipe
17:20 Lettuce – Pros and Cons of Growing
18:54 Peeling Plastic(?) off lettuce
19:25 Most Valuable Plants to grow in the Winter
19:35 Mamouth Lacinato Kale
20:45 Why Grow your own greens
21:25 Benefits of Brassica Family of Plants
22:22 Why Brassica Plants don’t freeze
23:28 Cabbage – A Good Storage Crop
24:17 Eat your cabbage leaves
25:37 Why I don’t like to grow curly kale
26:00 What I would do with Curly Kale
27:13 Kohlrabi – Eat the Leaves and Stems
28:34 Why Stems are even more nutritious than leaves
29:45 How I would eat Kohlrabi
30:00 Nasturtium edible Flowers and Leaves
31:20 How many greens I strive to eat every day
32:00 Shell Peas
33:15 My favorite Peas to Grow
33:55 Eat More Beans and Peas for Protein
35:02 Beets for Greens and Roots
36:45 Why Beets are healthy to eat: Betalains
38:00 One of My Favorite Juice Recipes with Beets
39:00 Number One Flower You Should Grow
41:20 Growing Arugula
42:43 My one favorite Plant should Grow: Perennial Tree Collards
44:55 How to Get a Tree Collard Plant: Seeds vs Cuttings
46:04 Do you need a greenhouse to grow food in the winter
47:00 Greenhouse made from Parts at home depot
47:32 Shell Peas Growing in Greenhouse
49:25 Kids are the future
49:40 Longevity Spinach
51:20 Amazing Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
53:14 Easy to Grow Food in Las Vegas in Pots: Nopales Cactus
55:09 Have a Compost Bin at Your House
56:55 Viva La Compost – Food Scrap Composting Pickup Service in Las Vegas

After watching this episode, you will learn more about what you can grow in las vegas in the winter time, and how to create fertility in your garden without having to buy fertilizer.

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