John from answers your organic gardening questions including can you leave sunchokes in the ground over winter, where I get my starter plants? Do you need to filter well water? How to get a tree collard to produce more leaves, what distance to plant a pollination garden so you don't get stung by bees and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:28 Any Healthy Recipes to Make Okra Taste Good
00:53 Can sunchokes be left in the ground in Zone 5a Iowa
02:07 Can you share where you get your starter plants wholesale
03:12 Is there anything wrong with planting seeds in pots with the holes cut out?
04:23 Can I put my tortoise bedding in my compost?
04:40 Is it possible to grow Roma tomatoes in Las Vegas? When do you start them?
06:10 Do you need filtration for irrigation if I am using well water?
06:50 What distance do you need to plant a pollination garden from the vegetable garden?
09:01 If you top a tree collard will it make more branches? How to make more leaf production?
10:28 How do I feed microgreen waste to a worm bin?
11:58 How to Garden in Houston Year-Round? It's Hot and Cold?
13:12 When you store juices under a vacuum do they get clumpy?
15:00 What made the growth so explosive with the OGS castings?
16:48 Is the clear flow hose still available?
17:52 Why is biodiverse compost better than anaerobic turn compost?
19:17 Are Roaches a problem with Tumbling Composters? Does compost smell off-putting?
20:54 What do you do with bolting lettuce stalks once you pull all the leaves off?

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