John from answers your organic gardening questions including Are Nails in Soil Safe for Plants & Us?, Do people use human poo in worm bins? Do you prefer cut and come again lettuce or pick and come again lettuce? What are your thoughts on dry amendments? Are you pushing bottles now? did you sell out? Have you heard of bioresponsive irrigation tape? and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
03:12 Please give me a quick call so I can have your number
04:22 Do you know about the 3-hour compost maker? What is the best composter in 2020?
08:16 Are you selling Ashitaba seeds?
09:34 Are rusted nails in the soil good or bad for plants and us?
12:50 What can I grow successfully in Houston, TX?
16:08 Have you heard of bioresponsive irrigation tape?
18:08 What is your opinion on milorganite?
21:58 Tell me about tilling? is it good or bad?
27:44 Have you had problems with Scarlett runner beans flowering?
29:04 Where can I get the agardentreasure soil microbes?
31:40 Pushing Bottles Now? Selling out I see.
36:32 What do you suggest for your viewers who can't afford pricey soil supplements? What is the one product that you would recommend?
39:20 What do you do with all your peppers? How can I use them?
41:58 Do people use human poo in worm bins?
44:02 Advice on consuming kenaf leaves?
45:34 Do you prefer cut and come again lettuce or pick and come again lettuce?
46:58 Is it cost-effective to grow your own vegetables in your backyard?
49:02 Best ways to prevent dampening off of microgreens?
50:22 How do I deal with Harlequin bugs on my tree collards?
53:04 How much soil can haul in the back of your Prius?
54:20 Is Malabar spinach slimy when you eat it?
55:28 How do you store compost tea?
57:50 Do you have any thoughts on dry amendments?
59:16 Do you use chitin to feed worm castings?
1:01:38 What is the best place to grow indoors at college?
1:03:50 Can I plant basil with parsley in a raised bed?
1:04:34 Can a squash plant be saved from vine borer?
1:05:40 Can I use a short clip of yours in my video?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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