John from goes on a field trip to Artist-Teacher-Gardener Jose Ramirez in Los Angeles zone 10 to show you how he created a food forest in his backyard by planting 200-300 fruit trees that conserve water. You will learn the techniques he uses to reduce his water usage and grow his fruit trees organically without the use of chemical pesticides and buying fertilizers from the store.

In this episode, you will get a tour of this unique southern California backyard where 200-300 low-water fruit trees are being grown that produce fruit year-round in Los Angeles in Southern California

First, John will take you on a tour of the backyard food forest of Jose Ramirez and show you how he is growing fruit trees as close as 3 to 5 feet apart in his residential property in Los Angeles. You will learn the specific techniques he uses to add fertility to his trees and conserve water.

You will learn about the specific fruit trees that he is growing, and how he uses rainwater as well as grey water to water his fruit trees. You will learn more about vegetable trees that grow edible leaves you an eat as vegetables.

You will discover why Jose no longer uses a compost tumbler but instead does pit composting so he creates instant fertilizer for the next fruit tree he will be planting.

You will also get to learn about the one fruit tree you should plant in Los Angeles if you live there as it can make fruit all year long.

Finally, John will share Jose's art with you and interview Jose about the amazing food forest jungle he created in his backyard in Los Angeles, California.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
00:44 300 Fruits Trees in his backyard
02:26 Backyard tour starts
02:48 Mulching Saves Water
03:35 PVC Pipe distributes Rain Water from the Roof
04:05 Fruit
04:52 You can grow these fruit trees in Los Angeles and Southern California
05:20 Easiest Fruit tree to grow in LA
05:40 some fruits are harder to grow than others
05:58 Why he doesn't grow a lot of vegetables
06:33 Why he underwaters his tree
07:20 Trees Planted 5 Feet apart
07:40 Grow Vegetable Trees
08:30 Compost tumbler I recommend
08:47 The Easiest Way to Compost
09:47 Protect Your Fruit from Birds
10:44 The Tree Everybody should Grow in Los Angeles
11:49 Gardening Failures – It's Ok
13:11 Using Greywater to water your trees
14:36 All the Fruit Trees he planted in the Garden
15:54 Garden inspired Art Work You Can Buy
17:36 Interview with Jose Ramirez
17:44 Why did you plant all these fruit trees in your backyard?
18:26 The most successful fruit trees to grow in Los Angeles?
20:40 Don't Grow these fruit trees in LA
21:44 How Does Your Garden inspire your Art and Art inspire your garden?
22:38 How can someone buy your art?
23:20 What is the one thing every gardener should know?
24:00 What are some other trees that grow well with little water?
25:00 Agriculture Uses more Water than Residential Consumers

After watching this episode, you will learn the techniques you need to use to grow fruit trees successfully using low water. You will also discover the best way to compost and how you can conserve water to water your fruit trees by using rainwater as well as grey water. You will discover the best fruit trees to grow in Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California areas.

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LA Times Article about Jose Ramirez's Backyard Fruit Tree Orchard

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