Bamboo Box Joint Spaghetti Box

A month or so ago some YouTube friends of mine asked me to be part of the 2015 Kitchen Utensil Build Challenge. Nothing specific and no prizes involved. Just get creative and build something for the kitchen. I've already got a lot of wooden spatulas and spoons so both of those are out of the question. I don't need any salad forks because I just use my hands like a cave man (kidding) (actually, not kidding). Due to the fact that I love spaghetti I decided to make a spaghetti box. Uncooked spaghetti only that is.

Check out everyone else who participated!!

2015 Kitchen Utensil Challenge

Patrick’s Workshop
Nick Ferry
Ted Alexander
DIY Tyler
McGinns Woodshop
Rich McNatt
April Wilkerson
Steve Carmichael
Dominic’s Woodworks
Alistair Darroch
Dale Wienke
Stephan Poehnlein
Tom Howbridge
Adventures In DIY
Mike Fulton
Joe Whittaker
Peter Brown
Sterling Davis
Cy’s Corner
Jason Rausch
Rock N H Woodshop
The Nomadic Polywright Show
Andrea Arzensek
Wildman Project
Fabian’s Tiny Workshop
Darbin Ovar
Wood n Stuff w/ Steve French
Izzy Swan
Grady Hillhouse
Chris Pine workshop
Matthew Cremona
Jack Houweling
Eric Lindberg
RJB Wood Turner
Jeffery Ferguson
Dema Gamayunov
Nicholas Gomez
Mark Christopher
Summers Woodworking
Timothy Babb

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