John from goes on a field trip to The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company Store in Mansfield, Missouri to give you a behind the scenes tour of their greenhouses and warehouse.

In this episode, John will give you a full tour of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company Greenhouse that is growing fruits and vegetables. You will also learn more in-depth knowledge about how seeds are tested, packed and shipped out to you faster than any other seed company.

First, John will give you a walk-thru tour of the hobby greenhouse of Jere Gettle. You will learn how bananas are grown in Missouri all year long. You will discover what else is growing in some of the different greenhouses at the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.

Next, John will take you into the employee only warehouse where seeds come in, are tested, packed, and shipped out to you.

You will learn more about how seeds are sourced from all over the world and are packed and shipped to you. You will learn how you can grow seeds or do seed trials for Baker Creek and earn some extra income.

You will discover where baker creek gets some of their seeds they are selling and how they GMO test every corn seed they sell.

You will learn how seeds are packed with a special packing machine that can pack over 10,000 packs of seeds a day.

Next, you will discover how Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company can ship out your in-stock order faster with their one-of-a-kind picking system that is even faster than Amazon.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:09 Hobby Greenhouse Tour Starts
02:34 Help Support Me By Purchasing a GYG Tee shirt
03:08 Vegetables Growing in Raised Bed
05:03 Growing Burdock Root
05:31 Tropical Fruit Trees and Edible Perennials
06:44 one of the best things to add to a greenhouse
07:25 Growing More Vegetables growing in Raised Beds
08:23 Outside view of greenhouse
09:34 Trial Vegetable Garden
12:12 Hobby Greenhouse Tour
13:30 Mulberry trees
15:00 How the green was made
16:30 Working Greenhouse starting seeds and germinating seeds
17:40 Warehouse tour starts
18:20 New Seeds Just Arrived into the Warehouse
20:26 Germination Testing Station
21:53 Seed Incubators to ensure high germination rate
24:19 More Details on Germination Testing
26:19 How Seeds are Stored
27:00 Proper Temperature and Humidity for Storage
29:14 Where do the seeds Baker Creek Sells come from?
29:59 How you can make money from Baker Creek by Growing Seeds or Running Trials
31:29 Where are these beet seeds from?
32:55 Where are these beet seeds from?
33:45 Butter King Lettuce Germination Rate and Where are they from?
35:28 What percentage of seeds are grown in the USA at present time? (I should have said at least 50% are USA sourced)
36:20 Warehouse Walk Through
37:44 All Corn Seeds are GMO tested
40:15 Why they have freezers in the seed warehouse?
41:58 Is it important to purchase organic seeds?
45:53 Seed Packing Machine
48:26 Seed Packing Machine Close Up
49:28 Fully Packed Seeds
49:55 One of a Kind Picking System Faster than Amazon
50:42 Computerized Pick System for seed packs
53:00 Picking an order at Baker Creek Seeds
54:54 Sorting Seed Packs into each customers order
57:00 Free Seed Packets with Each Order
58:08 Orders Shipped via DHL Delivered by US Postal Service
59:30 Request a Free Catalog
59:59 Summary

After watching this episode, you will get to see for the first time ever on youtube behind the scenes footage on how one of the largest independent seed companies in the USA operates and grows food and runs its seed business.

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