POWERED UP reopens January 16 ► http://bit.ly/2FcU8j6
Powered Up is my comprehensive video-based course for intermediate-to-advanced woodworkers (and ambitious beginners) ready to take their skills to the next level.

Like the first video, this will only be up until Sunday when I will take it down again. If you want to get the plans to go with the video, simply go to http://bit.ly/2FcU8j6 to grab your free download and to be first in line once the course opens on January 16th!

Every week you will get access to a new project, which you can tackle at whatever pace you choose. We’ll cover everything from finding the right materials, to saving money on tools, to cutting techniques, to joinery, to finishing your project beautifully and even customizing pieces to match your preferred style.

Over a thousand people have gone through the course and it’s been amazing to see people take on bigger projects and produce beautiful furniture they can be truly proud to display at home or at the office. Thanks for watching and supporting Woodworking for Mere Mortals!

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