John from shares with you the best compost tea brewer for serious growers.

In this episode, John will unbox his Growing Solutions Compost Tea System 10 which allows you to easily brew 10 gallons of compost tea in the best brewer that is easy to clean.

You will discover what is included in the compost tea system 10 brewing system and learn how easy it is to set up.

You will discover how easy it is to brew compost tea in the growing solutions compost tea brewer and why you should be adding a compost tea catalyst to the compost tea you are brewing.

You will learn the benefits of using the growing solutions non-cone shape brewer and why it will produce superior compost tea.

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03:42 Unboxing Compost Tea Brewer
12:00 Compost Tea Brewer Assembly
15:25 How to Brew Compost Tea – Filling with Water
16:08 Adding Compost Tea Catalyst
17:28 Adding Best Compost Tea

After watching this episode, you will learn more about the best compost tea brewer for serious growers I have ever found.

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