John from takes you on a field trip to A Natural Nursery outside Orlando, Florida to share with you how you can get organic turmeric and organic ginger shipped to you that you can sprout and grow into new plants or to eat. You will also learn how you can get a head start growing ginger or turmeric by purchasing plant starts.

In this episode, you will also learn about the top 3 exotic fruit trees you can easily grow in the Orlando, Florida area as well as the top 3 easiest temperate climate fruit trees you can grow in Orlando.

You will also learn how to prevent weeds from coming up out of your nursery pots as well as the best variety of tomato you can grow in South or Central Florida.

You will discover some of the best perennial leafy green vegetables that you can grow in Orlando, Florida and how you can harvest them year after year without a frost.

You will also learn how some tropical fruit trees can be grown in colder climates, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
02:38 Tour of Nursery Starts
04:16 Standard Fruit Trees Outside
06:35 Tropical Fruit Trees in Hoop House
08:23 Hoophouse Tour
11:33 You Pick Olive Patch
12:17 Grow your own sugar cane
11:59 How to Propagate Sugar Cane Plants
17:10 Top 3 No-Brainer Tropical Fruit Trees to Grow in Orlando
17:20 #1 Cold Tolerant Avocado Tree
21:15 #2 Jaboticaba Fruit Tree
22:00 #3 Barbados Cherry Tree
22:59 Coconut Coir Fiber Mats for Weeds and Water Retention
24:28 Temperate Climate Trops to Grow in Orlando
24:48 #1 Mulberry
25:58 #2 Peach
27:50 Organic vs Conventionally Grow Fruit Trees
28:40 #3 Plum
29:22 Organic Tumeric Growing in a Raised Bed
33:00 Problem with Buying the Tumeric to Grow from the store
33:37 Harvesting Tumeric Fresh
35:53 Tumeric Growing in Pots to Get a head start
37:40 Best Way to Grow Tumeric in Your Garden
39:12 Growing Ginger in a Pot
40:31 Outside Fruit Tree Nursery
40:58 Demonstration Trees growing in the ground
41:28 Mulch instead of using Weed Killer
42:40 Tomato You Must Grow in Florida: Everglades Tomato
43:55 Everglades Tomato Seedlings
44:14 Everglades Tomato from Cutting
44:50 Should You Buy Tomato from Cuttings or Seeds
45:43 Perennial Vegetables to Grow in Orlando
47:00 Gynura Procumbens: Longevity Spinach
47:35 Moringa aka Drumstick Tree
48:53 Cranberry Hibiscus
49:58 Katuk Saroupus Androgenous
51:56 Don’t Juice Katuk or Eat it Everyday
53:10 Soil is Key to Healthy Plants
55:00 USDA Organic Tumeric
55:44 Organic Fertilizer with Azomite and Microbes
57:57 Who do we have here with us?
59:10 Why did you choose to work here?
59:50 What is the non-profit you are involved with?
1:00:23 Why did you get a job here?
1:00:47 What is your favorite fruit?
1:01:00 Why did you start this nursery?
1:02:03 Why should someone come to a Natural Farm instead of a Big Box Store to get your edible fruit trees and plants?
1:04:23 Why is it important for you to grow naturally?
1:05:30 How many varieties of edible plants do you sell?
1:06:30 What percentage of plants did you grow here?
1:08:08 What are the hours of the nursery?
1:08:30 Do you ship your plants to the USA?
1:09:30 How can tropical plants grow in Cold Climates?
1:10:50 What is minimal care to keep tropical fruit trees alive?
1:11:15 Any final words of wisdom you would like to share?
1:12:46 How can someone get ahold of you to buy Fruit trees?

After watching this episode, you will learn how you can grow your own turmeric from root or plant starts as well as learn the best 6 fruit trees to plant in the orlando, florida area and much, much more.

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