John from goes on a field trip to the 2017 Chicago Flower and Garden show to share with you all the edible landscaping and vegetable gardening areas of the show. You also discover what John learned at a seminar as well as discover the top 3 exhibitors that will allow you to grow food at home organically.

First, John will take you on a POV tour of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Next, he will show you in detail the two display gardens that have to do with growing food.

Next, John will share some of the information he learned from some of the displays as well as one of the seminars he attended.

Finally, he will visit the exhibitor area to share with you his favorite three exhibitors at this year’s show:

0:36:14 Led Habitats – Offers Indoor growing Systems made out of wood and metal that minimizes plastic usage. Includes self-watering wicking bed to start your seedlings or grow pre-seeded mats with vegetables, herbs or edible flowers inside your home. Three different sizes including the deluxe 420 model
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0:56:40 Dr. Earth Fertilizer and Bagged Soil Products – offers organic bagged soil products and fertilizers. You will discover why this is John’s favorite organic bagged soil product that is available nationwide at better nurseries near you.
1:02:00 Ted’s Greenhouse – Local Nursery that is open year-round for 66+ years that grows ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees and herbs in the Chicago area. You will discover what sets ted’s greenhouse apart from other nurseries in the area and some of the best herbs to grow.

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