John from visits AZ Worm farm to share with you the best way you can keep worms without a worm bin in any climate.
In this episode, you will learn how you can make the best worm farm to keep worms so you don't kill them. You will learn why the inground worm tower is the best way to keep red wiggler worms.

You will learn how you can grow lots of worms and make worm castings that will fertilize your raised bed garden. Made out of wood and hardware cloth and some screws.

You will discover why John does not like to use a plastic worm bin or Rubbermaid tote worm bin that is hard to take care of the worms including keeping the moisture at the right level and feeding them the right amount of food.

You will discover how you can make this worm bin not made out of plastic that you will feed the worms your food scraps as well as some bedding material.

You will learn how the worms can care for themselves in their worm tower even if you go on vacation and are a lot easier to care for than a plastic worm bin.

You will discover how you can grow food with the worm castings and never have to harvest them again.

Finally, John will share with you how easy it is to make this worm tower so you can start worm composting in your raised bed garden in the worm tower farm.

After watching this episode, you will learn why the best way to keep red wiggler worms is in a worm tower inside your raised bed and how you can make your own.

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