John from takes you on a field trip to the 2019 MJBizCon Business Convention – the Largest Cannabis Convention in the World that took place in December 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada to share with you the best new products that will allow you to grow bigger, better and safer Cannabis & hemp plants, flowers and buds using organic methods.

In this episode, John will share with the following products that he feels are most valuable to people who want to grow hemp or cannabis (or even vegetables)

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
14:13 Kanabia – Recommended Hemp Cannabinoids – CBD+ More
24:16 Plant Success Mycorrhizal Inoculants +beneficial bacteria
27:56 Wormville Worm Castings – with Fungi and Bacteria – Consistent Castings
35:08 BioTherm -Toob- Infused Oxygen into Water for Better Grow
38:52 BioAg – Soluble Humic Acid + Microbes + Minerals + Kelp
40:43 Happy Tree Microbes Bio Harmonic Tonic – Beneficial Microbes from Pregnant Cows that are Energized
45:11 Relic Seeds – Heirloom Seeds
46:00 Marone BioInnovations – Integrated Pest Management -Biologic Controls for Pest, Bugs, Fungus, etc
49:20 Tox Detective – Test Toxicity – Instant Testing for Pesticides and Heavy Metals in Your Hand
55:47 Blumat Irrigation System – Water only when your plants need it without batteries or complex computers
1:00:24 Arbico Organics – Organic OMRI approved Pest control + Beneficial Insects for Gardening
1:04:49 Grass Roots Fabric Pots
1:06:46 Metagrow ST – Best Microbial Inoculant Product
1:11:34 Rootmaker Pots- The original Root Pruning Technology
1:14:59 Purple Pro – Test your T H C CBD and more from your phone
1:20:05 Green Life Biotics – Beneficial Microbes made from Soil
1:22:40 Crop King Seeds – Seeds including Autoflower- Super Easy
1:27:14 Gorilla Boost – Best Coconut Coir that is OMRI Organic and Buffered
1:31:04 End Summary (now 1:31:04)
1:32:55 Koppert- Your Source for Biological System Controls / Beneficial Insects
1:35:56 Dino Lite – Identify tests handheld microscopes
1:36:52 T-check – Simple Home Cannabinoid Tester
1:38:10 Mini Testing Lab for your Farm to test Cannabinoid
1:39:24 Bottomless Pot – Easy Transplants without disturbing the rootball
1:40:25 PlantLogic Pots – air pruning plastic pots that can save water
1:41:21 – Smart Automated Grow box that automatically grows 1 plant
1:43:06 Spinner- Modular Commercial Vertical Grow System to Grow in a compact Space

After watching this episode you will learn about these products as well as learn a thing or two about growing plants and the latest products that will allow you to grow the best hemp plants.

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