John from shares with you the best self-watering container pot that waters up to 4 months automatically.

In this episode, you will learn about the Nimbus Pot, an intelligent container that will automatically water your plants for up to 4 months and simulate wet and dry cycles, something most all self-watering pots simply can not do.

You will learn why John is finally busting-out his Nimbus Self-Watering pot after 6 years and what he will be growing in this pot that can water your plants even if you are on vacation for a month without worry.

You will learn who invented the nimbus pot, and why he had the idea to create it. You will learn the simple explanation of how it works, and why it is different than other self-watering containers on the market.

Next, you will discover all the different parts that are included with the nimbus pot and learn how to set up the pot. You will find out how to set up the nimbus pot for outdoor or indoor use.

You will learn the specific instructions on how to set up your nimbus pot, which includes using a potting mix and mixing with additional super soil. You will learn how to fill the Nimbus Container Pot and using organic fertilizers and plant success mycorrhizae.

Finally, John will fill up & Water the Nimbus Pot and share his final comments with you so you can discover his final thoughts about it.

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