John from shares with you the best shade cloth he has found that will reflect the suns rays to keep your plants cooler and provide some shade for your garden in the intense desert sun.

In this episode, you will learn about reflective shade cloth aka aluminet shade cloth and how it may help your plants to photosynthesis more if you are growing plants in the desert.

You will discover why your plants might shut down during the middle of the day if you are growing vegetables in the desert.

Next, John will do a light test (lux) to see how much sunlight there is in full sun with no shade cloth, under the 40% aluminet shade cloth, and under a black 40% shade cloth.

John will also perform temperature testing of the ground and plant leaves under full sun, 40% aluminet shade cloth and under 40% black shade cloth.

John will share his opinions about using shade cloth in the desert and why it may be beneficial.

You will learn about the specific reflective shade cloth John purchased and how to get it for the lowest price. You will learn why you should purchase finished aluminet shade cloth with pre-installed grommets.

Finally, John will share his final thoughts on using a shade cloth to help your plants grow better in the summertime and reduce sunburn on your fruits.

Jump to the following parts of this episode
01:44 Shade Cloth vs No Shade Cloth
04:30 Problems with Black Shade Cloth
04:55 Aluminet Shade Cloth
05:35 How Photosynthesis works
09:17 Problems with Growing in the desert
10:00 Buy a GYG Tee Shirt at
10:39 Full Sun Lux and Temperature Test
12:32 Problems with Growing in Full Sun
13:12 Aluminet Lux and Temperature Test
14:46 Black Shade Cloth Lux and Temperature Test
16:38 Summary of Testing
20:30 Aluminet Cloth I Purchased – Real vs Chinese Knockoff
23:45 My New Aluminet Shade Cloth Installed
25:14 Get the Aluminet with Grommets installed
26:49 Some Plants May not need shade cloth
27:44 Experiment
28:02 What I would do if I had more time

After watching this episode, you will learn the type of shade cloth you may want to use if you are growing food in the desert. You will learn more about why a shade cloth may be helpful. You will see the differences shade cloth can provide to you and your garden.

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