John from visits TD for the 4th update showing his 10 Foot tall Cannabis Trees that are on track to yield 10 pounds of flower per plant! In this episode, you will learn the specific techniques that expert cannabis grower TD uses to get such incredible yields.
In this episode, you get the 3-month update and see how TD's plants are growing after 3 months. Watch the first episode:
and the 2nd episode at
and the 3rd episode at

In this episode, you will learn to see how his plants are progressing with some banter from Josh from Boogie Brew, and John will show you these 10-foot tall and 12 feet WIDE these girls are, so you can see how to grow superior cannabis plants so you can maximize your harvest of the cannabis flower/bud.

You will learn how TD grows organically without the use of synthetic nutrients or chemical sprays to kill pests. You will learn how he grows 10-foot tall cannabis trees that yield massive amounts of flowers.

You will learn why it is important to keep the inside of the plant clear of the old leaves and why using a cover crop is essential to improve the soil of your cannabis.

Finally, John will interview TD where he will share his Recipe for Flowering, organic harder that will double your flower weight and triple your trichomes in your flowers. You will also learn about the best sugars to use to feed your plants.

After watching this episode, you will learn how big TD's plants are and the specific recipes he uses to grow lots of dense cannabis flowers with high level of trichomes.

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