John from answers your organic gardening questions including are birds friends or foe in the vegetable garden? How to feed worms in your soil? Should you keep worms in containers? Is urine good fertilizer? How to prevent fungas gnats when starting seeds indoors, and perennial vegetables for extreme climates and best vegetables to grow in Houston and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
01:26 Do you recommend using metal raised beds in Las Vegas?
02:24 What are the best fruit trees to grow in El Paso, Texas?
05:10 Do you have bird feeders? are birds helpful in the garden?
08:24 How do I create fungal activity in my soil?
10:54 Do you have a favorite mycorrhizal/bacteria product?
13:04 Can I use manure to mix in my soil to save money?
14:46 When do you put up and take down your shade cloth?
18:10 Do you need to filter the water you grow food with?
21:24 What is the best way to grow and consume wheatgrass?
23:32 Do you have any Egyptian Spinach Seeds for Sale?
24:14 What is your take on weather manipulation by man?
27:52 How did you build all your block raised bed garden? what did you fill it with?
30:22 Direct Sow or Start seeds in pots for vegetable gardens?
33:54 What is the best way to hatch red wiggler cocoons?
34:42 What are the best food related plants to grow in Houston?
35:48 Is it a good idea to add worms to a container garden?
37:40 How do you feed earth worms in the soil?
40:42 If I pee on my garden bed for food should I eat the food?
42:28 What are perennial greens that are heat (110F) and cold (25F) tolerant?
45:34 What are good wees to grow in the high desert that you can eat?
47:56 When growing plants in containers is it better to have living mulch or non-living mulch?
50:10 How can I fertilize my garden without resouces? is urine a good fertilizer?
52:56 Can I use my kids old homewood for weed control?
54:34 How to not get a house full of gnats when starting plants inside?
56:28 Where can you get the Cannaisseur cover crop mix?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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