THIS WEEK! PTR reveals the new Metabo HPT Saw, Nuron takes on Hilti, Tim reviews the FLEX surface to Air light, and thanks to you, we pack up ALL of this stuff to send to a shop class who needs it.

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You can find the full article for this week's episode right here with links to every video we mention:

0:00 Intro
0:38 @Project Farm | Right Angle Impacts
1:24 @VCG Construction | @FLEX Power Tools North America Rig
2:15 @Pro Tool Reviews | Metabo HPT Rear Handle Saw
3:15 @Man Caver Tools | Hilti Vs Nuron
4:05 Shop Class Heroes
6:50 A HUGE thank you
7:27 Production Crew Announcement
8:11 @Shop Tool Reviews | FLEX Tower Light
9:00 @Mastering Mayhem | Flex Rear Handle
9:45 Live Show announcement
10:21 Outro

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