John from has Cara Brotman and Markus Rothkranz visit his garden. He gives them a garden tour and has them try 20 different summer heat-loving leafy greens that John is growing so you can discover how each one of them tastes from the perspective of a chef.

In this episode, John takes Cara Brotman on a walking tour of his backyard summer garden that has been growing in 100+ degree weather for the last few months. You will learn more about 20 different leafy greens and herbs
that John is growing in the summer months and what Cara thinks of them.

You will discover the mildest tasting leafy green vegetables you can grow in the heat, as well as the ones that Cara didn’t like to eat.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:52 Taste Testing Water Pepper
03:42 Taste Testing Moringa
05:00 Taste Testing Egyptian Spinach
06:07 Taste Testing Green Tree Collards
07:35 Taste Testing Longevity Spinach
09:00 Taste Testing Malabar Spinach
11:26 Taste Testing Reichardia Picroides
12:29 Taste Testing Water Spinach
13:20 Taste Testing Roselle
14:44 Taste Testing Variegated Aptinia Cordata
15:27 Taste Testing Aptinia Cordata
16:20 Taste Testing Ashitaba
17:25 Taste Testing Tropical Lettuce
18:43 Taste Testing Agretti
20:22 Taste Testing Chinese Chives
21:36 Taste Testing Purple Shisho
22:50 Taste Testing Britton Shisho
24:47 Taste Testing Purple Tulsi Basil
25:50 Taste Testing Green Tulsi Basil
26:20 Taste Testing Bele/Salad Tree Abelmoschus Manihot (My video not out yet)
29:04 Cara’s Favorite Leafy Greens in My Garden
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After watching this episode you will learn the heat loving summer greens you should grow when the weather is hot in the summer and which ones you many not want to grow due to their stronger flavors.

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