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The Trash Cart is a lightweight, mobile trash cart collector with a modified lip which allows the user to tip the cart forward and push or sweep debris directly into the cart without the use of a dust pan. Features: • The basic components are the hopper, handlebar and wheels. • The hopper is fabricated of a seamless, leak proof and weatherproof plastic. • The handlebar for the Trash Cart is fabricated of a light metal alloy. • The wheels for the Trash Cart are made of a soft rubber for less noise and to protect indoor floors. • The unique aspect of this product line is the lip of the hopper. This lip is flat, so that the user may tip the Trash Cart forward and sweep debris in with out a dust pan. The lip of the Trash Cart is made of an aluminum sheet metal to protect the plastic lip from uneven wear or chipping from rocks and rough ground surfaces. Benefits: • The unique lip design of the Trash Cart allows the user to easily sweep/shovel debris into the Trash Cart without bending down. Therefore, the user can keep both hands on the shovel, broom and/or rake and complete their tasks with less effort. • This ergonomic design will provide less strain on the user’s back, shoulders, arms and neck Uses: • This product can be used indoor and outdoor. • The unique lip design of the Trash Cart product line provides convenience and utility to the user outside and inside sweeping leaves, paper, cans, bottles, sweeping up dirt and trash. Measurements: • The specifications, measurements and composition of the Trash Cart are 21 inches wide, 15 inches in height by 32 inches long and the hopper will hold approximately 5.8 cubic feet. • The total weight of the empty Trash Cart is approximately 14 pounds

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