This video shares curbless shower installation tips and 3 shower system options. Curbless showers are becoming very popular but require special considerations.

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The first step for curbless shower installation is to inspect joists, subfloors, and studs. Joists should ideally be 16″ on-center and subfloors 3/4″ thick. Also, studs should be 16″ on-center to accommodate most backer boards.

Most curbless shower pans are 3/4″ thick and having a 3/4″ subfloor makes the installation much easier.

The first curbless shower pan we like is Wedi’s Fundo Ligno. It’s 3/4″ thick and when combined with Wedi backer boards is rock solid. Only Wedi joint sealant is required to seal the seams, screws, and washers.

The second curbless shower pan we like is Schluter’s new shower trays. Only their 36×36, 38×38, and 48×48 trays are ideal as curbless pans. Those combined with Kerdi-Board make curbless shower installation straight forward.

Finally, the third curbless shower pan we like is VIM’s combined with Hydro Ban Board.

Watch our video to get curbless shower ideas