Learn how to install a curbless shower pan with linear drain in this Part 4 video. We show how to add DITRA-HEAT Mat inside the curbless shower and over the main bathroom subfloor. You’ll also see how to plan for the linear drain channel body.

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0:04 Schluter DITRA-HEAT requires a 1/4″ x 1/4″ square notch trowel
0:32 Schluter ALL-SET was used to set DITRA-HEAT over OSB & mixed with 8.5 quarts of water
1:22 DITRA-HEAT should have a 1/4″ expansion and contraction joint between drywall
1:37 Pull up the corner of DITRA-HEAT to check thin-set coverage
2:21 DITRA-HEAT was ended in the doorway and centered under where the door will go
3:20 DITRA-HEAT Mats should have all the studs align evenly with each other for wires
4:15 Regular DITRA or DITRA-HEAT can be butted against the linear drain channel support
4:32 Schluter’s linear drain channel support is 7/8″ thick and 1/8″ above the 3/4″ OSB
5:10 Schluter ALL-SET was feathered against the channel support in the main floor area
6:37 DITRA-HEAT was set on all four sections of Schluter’s linear drain channel body
10:55 DITRA-HEAT was set on the dry pack and Schluter pan with ALL-SET mortar

Watch our full video to see Part 4 of how to build a curbless shower pan with linear drain

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