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The Original Tick Key -Tick Detaching Device – Portable, Safe and Highly Effective Tick Detaching Tool

REDUCE THE RISK OF DISEASE AND MORE – By fully extracting attached ticks as soon as possible, the risk of contracting known tick carrying diseases is reduced. Keep yourself and others safe from avoidable disease!
DETACHES TICKS WITH EASE – The Original Tick Key™ uses natural forward leverage to extract tick heads quickly and safely. Detaches ticks of every size and kind without touching or harming them to minimize risk of infection.
ADVENTURE WITHOUT FEAR – Whether hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, gardening, or even playing sports outdoors, ticks present a serious threat. Take an Original Tick Key™ with you wherever you go and enjoy nature with the peace of mind afforded by an intuitive, reliable tool for detaching ticks.
WORKS ON ANIMALS – Your favorite furry companions can benefit from your Original Tick Key™ too! No more brushing fur away to try to squeeze out a stubborn tick, risking its decapitation and injury to your pet – just apply an Original Tick Key™ and detick in seconds!
HUGE UTILITY IN A TINY TOOL – Measuring 2.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and only a sixteenth of an inch thick, Original Tick Key™s are conveniently portable and make a practical addition to any keychain, backpack, hunting kit, or tackle box.

DEMO of Dog Tick Safe Removal With Tick Key Wood Ticks Deer Ticks

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