I got a laser cutter and here is the first thing I made. xTool sent me a Laserbox Rotary and I tried to design and make a product in less than 1 hour. I laser cut 1/8″ thick acrylic to make a pour over coffee stand. it only took about 10 minutes to laser cut the acrylic pieces. They are not a sponsor and simply asked me to test their laser cutting machine and provide an straight forward account of my experiences. I have tried other lazer cutters in the past and this one from xTool is by far the easiest to use. I really liked not having to set the focus of the laser.

here is a link to the laser cutter I used:
Makeblock xTool Laserbox Rotary: https://bit.ly/3lsCJY8
Facebook group of xTool official : https://www.facebook.com/groups/makeblockxtool

Here is the acrylic I used:

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