This video shares Part 1 of Ditra-Heat Installation and shows how to install Ditra-Heat Mats, which also prevent tile floors from cracking over time.

Here are the supplies we used

Ditra-Heat Kit 26.7 SF of Mat —
Ditra-Heat Kit 37.5 SF of Mat —
Ditra-Heat Trowel —
Schluter Kerdi Band —
1/4″ x 1/4″ Square Notch Trowel —
Schluter ALL-SET Mortar (Gray) —


The first step is to read Schluter’s Ditra-Heat manual to determine if your subfloor is properly installed.

Step two is to mix either modified thin-set mortar or Schluter’s ALL-SET to a consistency that’s recommended for Ditra-Heat.

Step three is to dampen the subfloor and burn the mortar into the subfloor using the flat side of a trowel. Then to directionally trowel the mortar such that all the trowel ridges face the same direction.

Step four us to compress Ditra Heat mats into the mortar and compress the trowel ridges by using a trowel or wood float over the top of the mat. Check coverage by pulling up one corner of the Ditra- Heat mat.

Watch our video for all the details on how to properly do a Ditra-Heat Installation

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