This video shares how to add heat cables during Ditra-Heat Installation. We show how to do the Ditra-Heat electrical installation and Ditra-Heat wire test.

Here are the supplies we used

Ditra Heat Kit 26.7 SF of Mat —
Ditra Heat Kit 37.5 SF of Mat —
Ditra Heat Trowel —
Schluter Kerdi Band —
1/4″ x 1/4″ Square Notch Trowel —
Schluter ALL-SET Mortar (Gray) —


The first step is to plan the Ditra-Heat cable installation per Schluter’s directions. For this project we used 3 stud spacing and kept heat cables at least 2″ away from the wall and shower curb.

In addition, our heat cables were 7″ away from the center of the toilet flange to ensure the wax ring won’t melt.

We also installed two Ditra-Heat sensors, the second was a back up.

All Ditra-Heat seams were waterproofed using Kerdi-Band and Schluter’s ALL-SET. This is especially important at the Schluter curb.

Ditra-Heat can be installed and tiled over in 1 day if done properly.

Watch our video for all the details.

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