Welcome to Episode 15 of #MakerBreak !

This week we build a Hammock Stand to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day, then we meet Caleb from @YouCanMakeThisToo !

Plus we watch Caleb make a silhouette vase, @jimmydiresta builds a convertible bench and picnic table, and Bob from @I Like To Make Stuff uses composite decking to build raised garden beds!

The Inspiration for this week’s build comes from @Woodbrew ! You can see their hammock stand build here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRSMjnpx1-I

If you want to make your own, do what I did, and buy the plans from WoodBrew on their website. Here: https://www.woodbrew.tv/product/hammock-stand-plans/

To watch all the mentioned videos in one place, we embedded them all on the article on our blog, here: (Coming soon)

Thanks to HART for sponsoring this episode, and for reminding us that we can do anything if we #DoItWithHART