DIY Sofa Desk combination that does NOT require a CNC! This video is sponsored by Leather Honey, Amazon's #1 best selling leather care products. Go to
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If you want to see more DIY sofa projects here is a playlist of all Ben Uyeda's sofa projects:

I used leather cushions from the Simple Cushion Co
Use the discount code: maker30 to get 30% off

Mike from modern builds has my vegan leather cushions but these leather ones are the exact same size. Aesthetically I actually prefer the vegan leather ones.

Free CNC files for full template

Illustrator files via gumroad $3
if that is too much for you feel free to use the free easel files linked above.

Kreg Plywood Handle

Kreg Portable Cross Cut

Ryobi Circular Saw

Ryobi Palm Router

Ryobi HP drill and Driver

Ryobi Orbital Sander

Kreg long neck clamps

Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks

Maker Brand Simple Finish

Jonathan Katz Moses Woodworking channel:

X-carve pro CNC machine:

Walnut Europly from Columbia Forest Products:

Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 720PRO

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