John from answers your organic gardening questions including the easiest way to turn kitchen scraps into compost, how to grow ginger & turmeric, the best organic solution for caterpillars, Do you still recommend the Jora composter? how can I create good fungi in my soil and much, much more? and much, much more.

John will answer the following questions at the following times:
01:14 How deep should I bury my irrigation system?
Do you still recommend using PVC pipe?
04:06 Do you rotate crops? Please provide an example
06:58 How long are worm castings effective in your soil?
09:16 How do you grow food in las vegas? any tips?
12:40 What is the easiest way to turn kitchen scraps into compost to grow container vegetables on an apartment deck? (Don't want a worm bin)
14:48 Any tips on how to grow ginger and turmeric?
16:30 How do I ensure a plant I grow won't become an invasive species?
Is the dirt outside likely to be fertile enough on its own?
19:28 Can you use turmeric to bring back a plant that has stem rot?
20:54 What greens should I be planting this fall in Tucson, AZ 9a?
22:10 Do hydroponic crops have fewer pests than been soil grown?
How do you see the future of backyard farming?
25:58 What's the best organic solution for caterpillars without chemicals?
27:18 I need to get a new compost tumbler. Do you still recommend the Jora 270 brand?
29:50 Any future videos on gardening….mushrooms???
30:20 Are you going to do a “how to grow can nabis indoors”?
31:56 How can I create good fungi in my soil?
33:58 What can I do with pests that are fully organic and won't change the taste of my tomatoes?

After watching this episode, you will learn John's answers to these questions, and probably learn many more organic gardening tips and tricks along the way.

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