In the summer of 2017, I went to an outdoor woodworking event in Skiatook Oklahoma. While there I received an osage orange slab from my friend Ted Alexander. Since then it's been pushed around and kept out of the way in two different shops and a materials storage shed. I think it's about time I do something with it.

The benchtop is osage orange and the legs are ash. It's finished with a simple oil/wax finish that will require touchups and maintenance down the road. It's not a durable outdoor finish. However, no matter what I put on it I will have to refinish it at some point. Might as well make it easy to refinish.

– For flattening the slab I used the Astra coated SB25-2 from Bits & Bits.
– For the mortises, I used the 540-SRF500 2 flute 1/2″ spiral upcut bit

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