John from shares with you his experience with the harvest right freeze dryer and warns you to NOT buy a harvest right freeze dryer until you watch this episode.

In this episode, John attempts to harvest ripe peppers in his garden in December so he can freeze dry them before the first frost of the year comes, but is unable because his freeze dryer has not been working for the last two weeks.

First, you will learn more about freeze-drying technology, and all the foods John has been dehydrating with his Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. Next, you will learn how the freeze-drying process works.

Next, you will discover how John learned his freeze dryer was not working, and he will share his customer service experience that he had with the Harvest Right Company.

You will discover some of the pros and cons of the harvest right freeze dryer and suggestions to the Harvest Right company has so they can improve.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
03:03 Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review Starts
03:22 #1 Way to Preserve Your Food
04:48 Some of the Foods I have freeze dried
06:30 Freeze Drying Technology for the Home
07:30 First Issue with the Freeze Dryer: Defective Oil Filter
08:40 A Pro and Con of Freeze Drying
08:50 Don’t Eat Fried Potato Chips or other Fried Foods
09:50 I love the freeze dryer when it works
10:01 Cons of the Machine: Price and Warranty
10:50 Short 1 Year Warranty
12:20 When I Started having Problems with my freeze dryer
13:25 This is my experience and may not be your experience with harvest right
15:15 What happened to my freeze dryer
16:19 Starting Freeze Dryer and it doesnt work
16:35 How a Freeze Dryer Works
17:53 Frozen Produce is better than Fresh BUT… Thawing is a problem
19:03 Timeline of my experience
21:32 Troubleshoot your own Freeze Dryer if it Breaks
22:33 Inside the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
22:52 Different Areas of the Machine
23:45 My Customer Experience with Harvest Right
28:12 What if your freeze dryer breaks and you don’t work on equipment?
29:45 I got the replacement parts: But it didnt work.
31:01 My experience with Blendtec and their Customer Service
32:20 Great Customer Service: Costco
42:00 What Concerns me about my freeze dryer
43:06 How can Harvest Right improve? Improved CRM System
43:50 What I lost by not having a freeze dryer operating for 2 weeks
45:00 What do you think about
47:45 I recommend NOT to buying a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer at this time
48:40 Increase Warranty Term and/or Have Extended Warranties available
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After watching this episode, you will learn if you should spend your hard earned cash on an expensive freeze dryer that you may not be able to get service for.

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