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The Earthquake Pioneer has set a new standard for tilling performance. It’s dual direction tines allow it to be used from the beginning to the end of the season. In CRT mode, the counter-rotating tines slice through sod and unbroken ground to create new gardens, while the standard rotating tines of SRT mode, weed and create a smooth seed bed for planting. Easily switch between tilling modes with the easy-to-use lever.

The 99cc Viper™ engine delivers plenty of power to the stamped steel tines to chew through even the toughest soils while remaining lightweight and maneuverable. The low profile of the stamped steel tines allows the Pioneer to slice through soil without causing compaction and damaging the soil. Thanks to the lightweight engine and low center of gravity, the Pioneer tills so smoothly that it can be operated with just one hand. This unmatched performance, combined with airless wheels and an instant reverse feature make the Pioneer a pleasure to operate. Model #37037

Earthquake Pioneer 17 Inch Rear Tine Tiller from #GIEExpo2021

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