John from visits Greenlife Nursery by Shamus O’Leary in Phoenix, Arizona to share with you the easiest & most difficult fruit trees you can grow in Phoenix and some of the ones that are in between so you can learn what you need to do to grow tropical fruit trees in the southwest desert of Phoenix, Arizona or other non-tropical climates.
In this episode, you will learn about the tropical trees you can grow in Phoenix that you can almost ignore, that are low maintenance, medium maintenance, medium-high maintenance, and high maintenance, so you can match the level of effort you are willing to put into growing tropical fruit in the middle of the Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona.
John will compare taking care of tropical fruit trees in the desert to taking care of a girlfriend who is higher or lower maintenance to be in a relationship with. You will discover the one tree that can produce reliably if you almost ignore it (just ensure it gets some water once in a while).

You will next learn about the easiest tropical and sub-tropical trees you can grow provided you provide regular water and provide a good microclimate and growing environment.

You will discover some medium maintenance fruit trees that will require more work that may include protection from the winter when they are younger, proper microclimate & balancing the soil, and other strategies to ensure good fruit production.

Next, you will learn about some of the medium-high maintenance tropical fruit trees that may require structures or other mitigation techniques so you can keep these trees alive in the colder temperatures of the Sonoran desert in the wintertime, remember: it doesn’t get too cold in the tropics

Next, you will learn about the high-maintenance tropical trees that can be unlikely to bear fruit for people that want to prove everyone wrong and make fruit from these more cold-sensitive trees that don’t like even 40-degree weather.

You will then discover the importance of using the proper soil amendments and balancing the soil with fertilizers so you can be successful in growing tropical fruit trees in the desert soil, which is quite different than the soil found in the tropics.

Finally. John will interview Shamus O’Leary the owner and tropical fruit tree grower to share his tips with you on how you can succeed in growing tropical fruit trees in Phoenix, Arizona, or wherever you live. Recommended you watch this whole section, as each is question is vital to your success (or failure)

Jump to the following questions.
38:40 Why did you start a tropical fruit tree nursery in Phoenix?
39:20 What is the importance of Microclimates?
41:24 The Importance of Soil in growing fruit trees in the desert
43:56 Why you need to Feed Your Tree so it can produce fruit
47:06 How to properly water your trees
50:18 Why you shouldn’t use drip emitters or sprinklers to water your trees
52:50 Importance of Soil Ph in your success
57:34 How to protect your tropical fruit trees from cold winter weather
1:03:22 How to mitigate the summer heat when growing fruit trees
1:07:14 Other important considerations when growing fruit trees
1:08:36 Importance of fresh organic compost and worm castings
1:11:28 Final Comments and Words of Wisdom from Shamus
1:14:40 How to contact Shamus & Greenlife Nursery

After watching this episode, you will get a download on how you can be successful when growing tropical fruit trees in the phoenix desert or other areas that are not the tropics. These tips & tricks will apply everywhere so you can try your hand at growing tropical fruit trees so you can eat your own tropical fruit outside of the tropics with a little care or a lot, depending on how much effort and work you want to put in to make it happen.

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