John from shows you how set up a fabric raised bed from start to finish including picking the best soil and setting up the drip irrigation system.

In this episode, you will learn how you can start a raised bed garden in your backyard if you have never done it before

First, you will learn about an unused area in John’s Yard that he will now use more efficiently to grow more food.

Next, you will discover how to level out your space so you can build a raised bed garden.

You will then learn how about the 12 foot long x 1.5 feet wide fabric smart pot long fabric raised bed that will be used for this install.

You will discover how to save money when filling a raised bed and learn where you should not skimp on the soil

You will learn about the most important soil amendments that should be used when mixing a raised bed soil mix.

You will discover how easy it is to set up an irrigation system in your garden

You will learn how to properly space your plants to maximize the amount of plants you can grow in a small space.

After watching this episode, you learn how you can set up a fabric raised bed garden from start to finish so you will have the confidence to do it yourself.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:30 Buy a GYG Tee Shirt, Hoodie or Hat to Help Me make more videos
01:49 Space Eptied, How to Move something too heavy
04:00 Installation of Landscaping Blocks
05:40 Filling Landscaping Blocks with Potting Soil Mix to grow inside
07:40 Two levels of Landscaping Blocks Installed
08:35 No Assembly Required – Smart Pot Long Raised Bed Information
10:30 Set up Long Raised Bed Smart Pot with Bricks
11:50 Filling with Compost/Topsoil, Potting Mix and Primo Soil Mixture
13:05 Filled Bottom of Container and Adding Potting Soil
14:19 Soil is one of the most important factors
17:35 Mixing Up Primo Soil for the Top 8″ of Your Raised Bed
20:35 My recommendation for Bagged Potting Soil: Doctor Earth
22:20 Best Worm Castings that Can Double Your Yield
23:55 Be Sure to add Rock Dust for a Trace Minerals
24:35 Most important two ammendments to add to your soil
26:53 Setting up the drip system irrigation
27:57 Installing Trellis to Grow Vertically
29:37 Get Ourdoor UV Zip Ties
30:03 How to Connect 1/2″ (.700) Drip Tubing to Fittings
32:35 Spacing Each Plant out to Maximize Amount of Plants in Raised Bed
34:00 How I measure out where each
34:25 How I easily dig holes to put in transplants
35:25 Adding Fertilizer Mixture to Each planting hole
36:15 Punching Holes and adding Drip Emitters
37:05 Tool to Punch holes in Drip Tubing
38:50 Why I don’t like hand watering more than the first week or two
40:05 Use your space effectively to Grow More Food

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