John from shares with you his #1 tool that he uses regularly that lets him eat easily and eat all the vegetables he grows in his garden even if they are bolting or beyond the point they would normally be harvested and consumed.

In this episode, you will learn how you can harvest a massive amount of vegetables in your garden and extract their nutrients so you can get more of the vegetables from your garden into you.

First, John will share how he harvests his oversize and bolting vegetables that he will be using in this healthy recipe. You will learn the ratios of the types of vegetables that John is harvesting to ensure he makes a delicious juice.

You will learn how the Sana 727 Premium Cold Press Horizontal Single Auger Juicer is the best juicer for gardeners that want to process high quantities of leafy greens, vegetables, and bolting vegetables into a juice that can better your health.

You will discover why John prefers juicing over other methods of consuming his vegetables and how you may even be able to make the best liquid fertilizer by juicing your vegetables and feeding it back to your garden.

You will learn how the Sana 727 is easily able to juice even the most fibrous, bolting stems that can destroy other juicers.

John will then demonstrate juicing his bolting vegetables in the Sana 727 to show you how it is easily able to crush, grind and extract the liquid nutrition so that you can get it into you and get more benefits from the food you grew.

After watching this episode, you will learn the #1 tool that John recommends every gardener owns so you can get more of the plant phytonutrients and minerals that you grow in your food into you.

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