John from presents the 4th episode from Teal Farm & Garden where you get a midsummer update on the cannabis and vegetable garden to show you how Super Seth's plants are growing and how to make a DIY Cannabis Top Dress Recipe For Flower.

You will learn how by using organic ingredients using living soil techniques you can maximize the quality and quantity of your flowers by using these techniques.

Finally, John will interview Seth to learn more about growing cannabis and go deeper into Seth's views on the Cannabis industry as well as his recommendations for educators he likes to follow.

After watching this episode, you will learn how to make a DIY Dry Ammendment Soil Top Dressing that super Seth uses to grow cannabis and vegetables in his organic garden using living soil techniques for the highest yield.

Jump to the following parts of the Episode:
00:00 Episodes Starts
00:15 Late July Update
00:43 Red Hot Cookies
01:02 Edible Flowers for Biodiversity
01:30 Veggie Garden Tour
02:24 Italian Zucchini
03:06 Freakshow Cannabis
03:40 In-ground Cannabis Plants
04:09 Giant Pumpkin!
04:39 Flowering Top Dress Formula
05:00 Harvesting Sunflowers for Nutrients
06:00 Making Garden Meal
08:09 Mixing Pre-Flower Top Dress Recipe
14:15 Essential Ingredients to Make an Organic Top Dress
15:48 Blending Eggshells & Milk
17:10 Blending Sprouted Seeds with EM1
18:57 Mixing up Flower Top Dress
19:30 Adding Biological Material to your garden
20:18 How to Feed Plants with Top Dress Mixture
21:00 Interview with Super sets garden
21:03 What has been going on in your garden?
21:50 What fertilizers have you been adding to your garden?
22:40 What is the bare minimum to make an organic flower top-dress?
23:22 Sativa vs. Indica – Which is Best?
26:02 What are your thoughts on THC, CBD, and other Cannabinoids?
27:34 Where can you buy good seeds with a good spectrum of cannabinoids?
28:45 What will you do to your garden in the upcoming month?
30:13 Who are your favorite online gardeners?
33:35 Essential Garden tips for success

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