John from visits Swank Specialty Produce in Loxahatchee, Florida to show you how they are using 25,000 grow bags to grow a farm.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of this farm that grows in plastic grow bags as well as hydroponics so they can grow a wide variety of clean crops. You will discover how they are able to grow some of the highest quality organic food available in Palm Beach County.

You will discover why this farm uses grow bags instead of planting in the native Florida soil.

You will see the many different production areas of the farm and learn how it has been able to be in business for the last 17 years growing organic produce in South Florida despite a lower demand for farm fresh food than many other areas of the country.

You will discover some of the unique vegetables they grow so they can provide local chefs and consumers a wide variety of crops that are sure to please any palate.

Finally, John will interview Darren Swank, and ask him about about hydroponics vs soil grown food and much, much more.

Jump to the following Parts of this episode:
02:22 Episode Starts
09:30 Farm Tour Begins
09:54 Growing a farm in 25,000 pots
10:59 Why Grow in Pots
12:55 Experimenting with different varieties of produce
14:44 How to increase income on your farm besides growing food
17:20 Hydroponic Shade House
19:09 Why you should grow and buy red lettuce
21:10 Why I like growing under Hydroponics
23:39 Interview Starts
24:05 Why do you grow both using organic practices and hydroponics?
25:15 How do you make the Hydroponic Nutrients Even Better?
26:47 How many things have you changed on the farm over the 17 years?
27:26 Adding nutrients/ minerals add flavor to does it add nutrition to the food?
28:40 How have you changed your diet recently and why?
31:24 What do you think would happen if the country started eating 80% plants and 20%
32:30 Any final thoughts for my viewers today?
33:05 How can we educate people about the difference between store bought and farm grown food?
35:36 How can I learn more about your farm and buy your produce?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about how you can grow food using hydroponics as well as in grow bags if you have poor soil. You will learn some of the best practices that the Swank Specialty Farm uses to produce locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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