John from shows you how you can grow the easiest and fastest vegetable indoors that you can buy from a grocery store.

In this episode, John will reveal the #1 vegetable that you should grow for your health: Pepper Cress that you can buy from the grocery store to have an instant garden inside your home by using an aerogarden to grow this food with the least hassle and time invested.

You will learn the specific steps to set up an indoor garden even if you are a beginner that will empower you to grow your own food indoors. You will learn how easy it is and how fast this brassica vegetable can grow inside your house in a self-contained watering system.

You will see how John is growing this vegetable inside his house and learn how and why he started growing in this fashion when he has a huge outdoor garden.

You will discover some of the health benefits of eating pepper cress and how you can easily grow it inside your house, this is an excellent project for kids or beginner gardeners.

After watching this episode, you will learn the easiest and most healthy vegetable you can grow inside your home, and how easy it is to set it up, and how to harvest this amazing leafy green vegetable.

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