John from shares with the 3 water-based feeds he uses after he plants new transplants into his garden to get them off to a healthy start. These biostimulants will help your transplants recover quickly from transplant shock and create resilience from other stress in the environment. They have also been shown to increase the phytonutrients, so you have better tasting and healthier food to eat from your garden

In this episode, you will learn about the three water-based biostimulants including Soil Balance Microbes, Liquid Fulvic Acid, and Seaweed and/or Fish Extracts to get your freshly planted transplants off to a healthy start.

First, you will discover why these three biostimulants are critical for the health of your plants, and why it is important to uses these three items to get outstanding growing success and bountiful harvests.

You will learn more about why the soil balance microbes are the easiest and most potent microbes you can add to your garden, and how little you need to apply.

Next, you will discover why a liquid fulvic acid can be helpful to increase uptake of nutrients in your soil to your plants and provide the soil and plants unique micronutrients including minerals and amino acids that can improve the soil.

Finally, you will learn about sea minerals and nutrients that are contained in Kelp for its trace minerals, auxins, and cytokines that can help improve your growth. You will also learn about Pure Protein -fish hydrolysate and why John does not like to use them unless he has to. You will also learn about ocean solids and how the can be used later to improve your grow.

After watching this episode, you will learn the three treatments that John treats his transplants with to create healthy plants, that provide higher levels of nutrition and sweeter tasting produce than the store.

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