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Demo Of The ATOM Wireless Microphone System For In The Field Video Use With Lav #ZGCINE

ZGCINE ATOM smartphone wireless microphone is a creative wireless microphone with Mini Tripod and Phone Holder for smartphone and camera. With built-in lithium polymer batteries, uses wireless 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology, which provides high signal stability, low interference, short audio delay, real-time monitoring, and other functions; the working distance is up to 50 meters (30 meters in barrier area), the 2.4G wireless microphone transmitter and receiver can assist your phone and camera for video recording and achieve professional sound effects. And Wireless Lavalier Microphone System not only used in interviews, it is also widely used in Vlogging, Youtube, Blog etc. video recording to keep the best original sound which is important for video quality.

The wireless lavalier microphone helps you get rid of the shackles of the cable, free your hands and speak freely. The wireless lapel microphone is suitable for meeting, class, speech, tour guiding, YouTube video/audio recording, outdoor interview, and so on.
With 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology —-high signal stability, low interference, and short audio delay.
ABS Phone Clip: Lightweight ABS material, durable.
Has a working time 6 hours on a full charge.
Built-in high sensitivity condenser microphone ability to clearly extract your voice.

How to pair the transmitter and receiver:
1.Press and hold the transmitter and receiver power button when they are off, then the Status Indicator will light up and flashing red and blue alternately. When the blue light is always on, the transmitter and the receiver have been successfully paired.

2.If there is any interference when using, double click the pairing button of the transmitter to reselect the signal channel.

Smartphone Wireless Lavalier Microphone, ZGCINE Omnidirectional Recording Mic 2.4G Wireless Lapel Microphone System Transmitter and Receiver for Smartphone, Camera, Interview, Vlogging