John from visits the common ground demonstration garden in Palo Alto, California to share with you more information about the biointensive farming method that allows farmers to maximize production in a small amount of space.

In this episode, John visits a demonstration garden run by Ecology Action who pioneered the Grow Biointensive farming method. This video was filmed early September 2017. Shortly after this video was filmed, it was announced that the Common ground demonstration garden has been closed due to lack of funding.

You will learn some of the fundamental aspects of growing using biointensive farming methods.

Finally, John will give you a tour of the Common Ground demonstration garden that is growing food using the biointensive growing method.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:46 What is growing biointensive
02:22 Growing in Ground vs Raised Beds
02:52 Whole System Method
04:00 How to keep gophers out of in-ground garden
05:10 Deep Soil Preparation / Double Digging
06:23 Composting – Closed Loop System
07:50 Best Type of Compost
08:46 Intensive Planting
10:18 Companion Planting
11:27 Carbon and Calorie Crops
12:60 Most Important Foods to Grow in Your Garden
13:20 My comments on educational signage
14:38 What is growing in the Garden and My thoughts
16:55 How to keep birds and animals out of your tomatoes
18:03 Tree Collards looking sad
21:07 Pitiful Looking Peppers
21:50 Nicest Part of the Garden
22:55 My final Thoughts and Comments

After watching this episode, you will learn some of the fundamental aspects of the grow biointensive farming method as well as get a tour of their demonstration garden to see what is growing and how it is growing.

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