John from shares with you how he has increased production in his organic garden by weekly feeding his plants.

In this episode, you will learn why it can be very important to supplemental feed your garden a liquid organic fertilizer that can help boost growth, increase production, increase plant health as well as increase disease resistance, pest resistance and resistance from other environmental stress.

You will discover why he is now supplemental feeding his garden and he never had to do that before. You will learn where to get the best dr. earth liquid fertilizer for the lowest price ever. You will discover some of the different liquid fertilizers John uses in his vegetable garden to get higher yields and healthier plants.

You will learn the easiest way to spread the liquid fertilizer in your garden and when in the day you should be doing this.

After watching this episode, you will learn more about supplemental feeding your organic vegetable garden and why you may want to start this practice if you have a desert garden or garden where you have a short season.

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